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Xavier's Dream RPG

12/1/06 06:19 pm - of_erupting - Open to Rogue backdated to lunch today

Inside the cozy coffeeshop, it was easy to forget the dreary rainsoaked day in Salem Center. Picking up her cellphone instinctively, Amara laughed as she caught herself once again starting to call Sam.

"Sorry, you must think I'm the most controlling mother ever. I know Sam can take care of Lucy just as well as I can, it's just... weird not knowing what she's doing. You should have seen us the first time we both went out and left her with his sister, I think we called her before we even left the grounds to make sure they were okay."

She shrugged with another laugh at her own expense. "Actually probably a lot of stuff seems weird, how much it's all changed in the time you were gone. I know it's weird to me when I actually stop and think about it."

11/25/06 01:17 am - of_the_amazon - Open to Guthries and Neal, backdated to yesterday.

Propped up on the new couch in Sam and Amara's living room, Liz smiled at Lucy who was happily buckled into her bouncer. "Ah wish Ah could be that excited 'bout sittin' here doin' nothin," she said, looking around the room. Although not blown apart like that mansion, the carriage house had been heavily looted and damaged in the months they were gone, and it still seemed empty even with the repairs and furniture that had been hastily replaced in the few days since they had been home.

She could hear Amara and Paige in the kitchen, and wished she could get up and help, but at this point she was lucky to be able to stand and balance with support on both sides of her, walking was still months down the road. The smells of traditional down-home cooking, mixed with some recipes of Amara's spread through the whole house, making it feel homey even if it was only partially repaired and half empty. "Smell of Thanksgiving turkey always makes me miss Mama," she said with a sigh, forgetting that this was the first Thanksgiving in her life that she had spent away from the farm, it somehow seemed like it had been a lifetime since she joined the X-Men.

11/24/06 08:05 pm - of_velocity - Open to Bobby

Jean-Paul had been looking to ski ever since the weather turned, but he hadn't had an opportunity to get away until just recently. Skiing alone was fun, but there was no way that Jean-Paul was going to trek all the way to the ski lodge without company. He was far too proud for that. Though Jean-Paul was developing a small crush on his friend Bobby Drake, he was careful not to reveal his hand - as he was pretty sure that Bobby wasn't a homosexual. Still, there were moments where he wasn't sure, but that wasn't something he needed to press. Bobby had to figure those things out on his own.

He strapped the skis to the top of the hummer and waited for Bobby. Crush or not, Jean-Paul was determined to have a good time today with what was becoming one of his best friends.

11/21/06 02:13 am - of_marvels - Open to Petra & Jean

Pulling the motorcycle into the gravel lot near a rundown old pub that had been a Xavier's hangout in every reality Rachel had ever been in, she pulled off her helmet and shook out her short red hair, turning back to Petra. "Too bad my d--... Cyke wouldn't let us take his bike, it's the hottest ride at the mansion, but probably the only other person he'd trust with it is my mom. The man forgets that he's the one who taught me to ride... well sorta." She laughed, sliding off the bike and smoothing her tight jeans and sweater. "Sorry, this alternate reality stuff must sound really weird until you get used to it."

She gestured toward the dirty brick building, the old-fashioned sign over the door read "Harry's Hideaway", "It's not much, it's sorta kitschy, the food is greasy and the beer selection sorta sucks, but it's like X-Men history, so we just keep coming back."

10/27/06 05:34 pm - of_intimacy - Open to Jean and Lorna

She couldn't believe that she had been so stupid, allowing herself to get caught that easily. They had been going after the unregistered, and she was one of them. It wasn’t fair of them to make people register just because they were different.

She was worried about the SHIELD agents touching her and her getting their memories. She didn’t want to draw any more attention to herself for being an unregistered. She was in enough trouble already. After all she had to figure out how to get out of there before they sent her off to the Negative Zone. There was no way that she was going to go to prison, not where she would be even more restricted then she already was naturally.

11/10/06 04:00 am - of_levity - Open to Bobby and Alex

"Oh come on Bobby, it's fucking hilarious. Besides what did you expect, playing a game full of monsters with a kid whose mom had demon sidekicks who tried to kill him? You're lucky he only hit the TV. He should've blasted you too."

Lorna tossed her bright emerald curls over one shoulder with a laugh, wishing she had been there to see Scotty "saving the day."

11/10/06 02:23 am - of_utopia - Open to Jean, Warren, and Tony Stark

Seated at the War Room table, Charles glanced at Jean, then Warren, who looked as if he was barely controlling a rage built up over the months they were in hiding, before looking at the man who sat across the table from him. "As you can see, Mr. Stark, my pupils and I have much to do in order to make our home reinhabitable, let us skip the pretense that this is a social call, and get to the point."

Warren balled his fists under the table, wondering why he was sitting in this room instead of Scott. He wanted nothing more than to beat the other businessman black and blue as he looked around the wreckage of their home. His penthouse was no better when he visited it last night, the normally spotless modern space completely ransacked. As if I'd keep anything useful to SHIELD there, he thought bitterly. In the morning he would have to begin to clean up the wreckage of his business, maybe not physical, but all too real. He looked toward Jean, //We aren't actually going to just sit and talk to this fucking bastard, are we?//

Charles raised one eyebrow slightly at Warren, but said nothing, his hands steepled in front of his face, in his familiar thoughtful way.

11/9/06 08:27 pm - of_the_angel - Open to Everyone, Backdated to this morning

Gliding through the air in big, lazy swoops, Warren flew ahead of the Hummers carrying most of the X-Men into Salem Center and back to the mansion. It was such a relief, he thought, to feel the rush of air through his wings, and the familiar landscape of Xavier's property just up ahead.

He slowed as he passed over the mansion, the battered walls, broken windows and smoke and fire damage an all too familiar sight. They were used to rebuilding, but it didn't make it any easier everytime the lost another priceless antique.

With a soft crunch of gravel, he landed on the driveway, striding up to the frontdoor which hung drunkenly on it's hinges. "They didn't even bother boarding the place up, those bastards," he muttered, stepping into the dusty front hall.

There was a thud from the back of the house, and Warren was instantly at attention, prowling silently toward the sound, which was followed by more scraping and shuffling footfalls. "Sounds like we have company," he whispered into his commlink, as he heard the first of the SUV's pull up in the driveway.

11/9/06 11:51 pm - of_humanity - CNN News - November 9, 2006

"Just moments ago, a recess was called until morning here on Capitol Hill, marking the end of the first full day of Congressional Hearings on the implementation of the Superhuman Registration Act," The young female reporter, a warm coat over her trademark yellow outfit, stood on the steps of the Capitol Building, which was bathed in the fading light of a D.C. sunset. "Today's session was mostly preliminary information on both sides of the debate questioning both the legality of the act and it's implementation by billionaire playboy-superhero Tony Stark."

"Tomorrow Captain America himself is scheduled to speak, his testimony should take up the bulk of the day, while his strongest supporters in the resistance against the Superhuman Registration Act--the X-Men--are scheduled for early next week. Both Captain America and the X-Men are likely to focus on allegations first reported right here on CNN, that Stark and SHIELD have been breaking the laws that they were commissioned to enforce, especially with regard to using minors, both with and without powers, in the many superhuman battles that have been fought in recent months. I spoke with Senator Clancy Leposi, newly appointed senate majority leader, as she left the session this afternoon."

The camera cut to the Senator, dressed impeccably in a skirt suit, walking down the steps of the Capitol, multiple microphones shoved in her face. "We are, of course, VERY concerned with the allegations," she said, looking from one camera to another, "The protection of minors and civil rights of our superhuman citizens are of utmost concern. Yes, all of the heroes testifying have been granted temporary amnesty until a decision can be made." At a muffled question about the decision to appoint Tony Stark to lead the enforcement of the act, her face remained unreadable, only the slightest hint of a frown appearing. "There are many things still under investigation at this time. I'm sorry, no further questions."

Back on the screen, the young reporter pushed a wisp of long brown hair out of her face. "It has also been reported that the X-Men will be meeting with the President and the Secretary of Education to offer their experience on education of superhuman children. In hiding just a few days ago, now these heroes are being celebrated here in the nation's capitol. Reporting live on Capitol Hill, this has been April O'Neill. Back to you in the studio."

Her image faded, and Ben Yorick appeared, smiling on his first day back in the anchorman chair. "Thank you April. CNN is proud to be affiliated with such heroes, who, like those in our profession, look beyond what is strictly legal to what is true and what is right. After the break, an investigative report. India and the outsourcing of supercop factories. Our team sheds some light on the allegations of SHIELD using facilities in Calcutta to turn normal kids into Prime Sentinels."

11/3/06 03:42 pm - of_terrakinesis - Open to Warren

Petra had just gotten out of the shower a few moments earlier when she heard someone in the hall. She hadn't exactly been the most popular arrival since she moved in at Xavier's - but that was something she had done all on her own, if she were being honest, she weren't all too suprised she had regressed to hermitage, having grown up mostly alone in the rock formations of Central Park.

Quickly wrapping a towel around her head, she fastened her robe and stepped into the hallway. She noticed that the man was Warren Worthington, whom she knew better as Archangel. The two hadn't had much interaction, but Petra was certainly aware of who exactly he was. She couldn't help but be attracted to a man of such prestige, and the muscular frame he was sporting certainly added to that attraction.

All at once Petra regained herself and realized she was standing in her bathrobe, with a towel wrapped around her head. Typically she wouldn't care if someone were to see a flash of thigh, or notice her hair wrapped up in a towel - but if the someone in question were Warren Worthington, then she certainly cared a bit more.

A great war between Petra's decency, and her desire to be noticed began to swell deep within her brain. Not one to typically quote the Clash of all bands, her current dilemma could be summed up as 'should I stay or should I go'.
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